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It's a fact, the FMCG landscape has attracted and been dramatically changed by a host of new entrants over the last 10 years - this trend doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon! Not only has this given the consumer / shopper more variety but its also shaken up the perception of the established / traditional being the best (or only first choice) option for career development. These unique settings provide an entirely different working experience in their stages of evolution from breadth of role, exposure to an entire business through to pace and ownership on a whole different level.

I always wanted to start my own business; I had no idea what it would be, I just knew when the opportunity arose I would grab it with both hands. When I met my co-founder Matteo and experienced the passion he has for the food he makes, I knew there was potential there.We had both recently graduated and were working in The White Rabbit Pub in Oxford; we became famous in the area for Matteo's incredible family pizza recipes. At the same time as we were receiving countless requests from customers at the pub to create gluten-free and plant based version of his recipes, we began noticing the distinct lack of young, innovative, challenger brands within pizza in retail. It was this combination of events that led to our brand being born.I love this business for so many reasons. I love everything it has taught me, both about the industry and about myself. I love the pride I feel every time I see our products on shelf. But most of all, I love being surrounded by a talented and passionate group of individuals that care about this business as much as Teo and I do. After years of being on your own, there is no greater sense of fulfilment than that

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Nick Croft-Simon


The White Rabbit Pizza Co

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