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Cost and time efficiency underpin an organisation’s success and the rationale of these broad disciplines. With the fastest and most complex value chain, FMCG talent in these spaces is highly sought after and transferable. At the cutting edge of software and technical advances, highly rewarding and influence packed career development is now the norm.

As the saying goes “Variety is the spice of life” and my career has been varied across sales, marketing and procurement principally from 24 years at PepsiCo, a Global FMCG blue chip company. Each discipline providing skills and learnings which have allowed me to develop and grow. I really enjoy complex change programmes, building business partnerships and finding innovation.

My home is now procurement having spent 8 years in Indirects procurement managing a wide portfolio across IT and Purchased Services. Here I worked across extremely mature categories looking for new and innovative ways of working, at the same time expanding procurement coverage into brand new areas. Multi-tasking is a great skill to develop here, some would call it circus plate spinning.

Recently I’ve joined Bell Integration which is a really interesting new opportunity that pulls on all my skills to take a more consultancy type procurement role. Exciting procurement times ahead in the discipline I am passionate about. We have the unique position within a busines to bring the outside in.  Use it well, deliver value and be a trusted business partner

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Kate Bennett

Category Manager Bell Integration (formerly Group Procurement Manager)


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