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20 years ago, this now critical function was in its infancy and today represents the essential link between the marketing vision and the commercial reality. With multiple different incarnations across the industry, this ever-evolving function is an ideal route to gain influence, visibility and gateways to a multitude of different disciplines as well as a rapid, results based in function progression.

I would be lying if I said I had always dreamed of working in FMCG. After graduating from university with a degree in politics, I didn't have a specific vision of what I wanted to do for a career.The prospect of doing an unpaid internship or studying for a Masters wasn't an option for me, so I needed to get a job. My starting point was the Forbes Fortune 500 list, which I worked my way through from top to bottom checking out the careers pages on each company's website and applying for any entry-level roles that I thought my qualifications would be suitable for.

Luckily I fell into the world of FMCG when Danone offered me a role as a Category Development Executive. I'm now entering my 10th year in FMCG and I love working in the industry. It's called Fast Moving Consumer Goods for a reason, no two days are the same and new opportunities continuously emerge in a marketplace that is constantly evolving. I relish the opportunity to work on brands that are household names and to ultimately see the results of my work on retailers' shelves and in consumers hands.

I've been fortunate to experience a variety of local and international roles in the last 10 years across Sales, Category Development, Shopper Marketing and Brand Management. I believe my success in these roles has come from a combination of having excellent line managers, an intrinsic hunger to learn & develop, and a competitive desire to outperform the competition. This has enabled me to be adaptable to new roles and agile in identifying new opportunities to improve performance and results.

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Phil Walker

Category And Sales Commercial Leader


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