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This is our Level 1 or the first step on our clear-cut progression plan. Often with less than 12 months commercial / recruitment experience, our new recruits experience a rapid, slightly overwhelming learning curve while getting to know loads about our market and what makes us tick!

From shadowing experienced team members, one 2 one weekly meets with their manager, to chats with their “buddy”, variety, pace and enjoyment are what this role is all about.

Meetings with candidates, supporting on client campaigns, industry / function-based research with an emphasis on the real / practical are typical activities but encouraging individual thoughts / feedback, they can often be punctuated by self-led projects – we love this stuff!

We take fit very carefully and don’t hire and  fire en masse which means that fit as well as feeling part of the team is usually immediate  - a popular topic at the first “Friday drinks” 

Internally Level 4s have moved on merit (we’re all about that!) from being a 3 (Senior Consultant) and typically are either establishing / working with self-developed clients and sometimes a new revenue stream.

Stand alone but with big involvement across the business in mentoring / idea generations, the big emphasis here is on running key client relationships, developing new business and leading account pitches / wins.

Always looking to add value, our 4s will be working their clients to ensure that we’re at the forefront of their plans, often proactively introducing top talent to key decision makers and involving other team members in search projects. 

The pinnacle of progression and affectionately referred as “Leaders”, these roles are the next step from our Level 5 (Managing Consultant) and seen as the engine room of the business with rewards on par.

A direct support, right hand man to the MD / board, the role is all about client and team growth against shared personal and business aims.

From talent acquisition, mentoring, large client leadership, through to new revenue stream development, leaders effectively run a business within a business, with multi-tasking, time management (whilst having fun of course) and some serious industry recognised recruitment skills a given!

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