Vegan Wine - A Rising Trend

July 25, 2022

Virgin Wines an online wine retailer has just released new data showing a growing trend amongst consumers for Vegan wine - with demand doubling (51%) over the last two years!

The news comes as vegan consumers are reportedly spending around a third more than the national average on groceries than non-vegan consumers according to VoucherCodes.

But surely all wine is vegan? 

Well you’d be forgiven in thinking so, but it actually all comes down to the fining agents they use to give wine its clarity. These agents traditionally contain animal products, albumin (egg white) for red wine or casein (milk protein) for white, although these are removed before hitting the shelves, some traces can be found, therefore making it non-vegan (a little fun fact for the day)

Head of buying Sophie Lord at Virgin Wines said “It’s not surprising to see such a rise in vegan wine sales. Over the last decade, far more alternative wine fining methods have been found, allowing winemakers to move away from the traditional methods that are unsuitable for vegans. 

Demand for vegan, organic and biodynamic wines has grown as more consumers adopt eco-conscious and healthier lifestyles.”


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