TikTok To Start Selling Fresh Food

August 1, 2022

The immensely popular social video sharing platform has announced that they will be allowing brands to sell fresh food directly to consumers through the platform. 

This is a huge move for TikTok who’s #FoodTok community alone has already generated some 26 billion views on videos users have uploaded that are all focused around food. This presents such a big opportunity not just for creators to monetize their content better, but also for brands to engage with audiences in a more relevant manner that will ultimately drive up sales. 

Patrick Nommensen, Senior Director, eCommerce Operations commented: "TikTok has made it easier than ever for food brands and creators to be discovered, and we have an active community of food lovers on the platform. 

Enabling fresh food brands and creators to sell directly to our community through a seamless transaction on TikTok Shop is a logical next step. There will also be a huge opportunity for new food brands looking for a springboard to market, and I am excited to see more fresh products available on the platform." 

From the 1st of August TikTok users will be able to start buying food from some of the biggest creators on the platform including Pasta Evangelists, The Fish Society, The Veg Box Company, By Ruby and EXALT.

Finn Lagun, Co-Founder and CMO, Pasta Evangelists commented: "We were early innovators in bringing fresh, artisan pasta to people at home and now we're going to be one of the the first fresh food brands in the UK to be sold through TikTok.

 It's an exciting opportunity to change the face of modern retail, all whilst delivering people delicious fresh pasta."

Creators will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively and run exclusive live shows with brands in order to drive up engagement, awareness and sale. Allowing the community access to exclusive discounts and offers right from the platform - Although we’re getting serious QVC/shopping channel vibes here, does it just feel like we are just moderninsing something that has been done for years.

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