Social Commerce Is Number 1 This Xmas‍

November 9, 2022

According to research 90% of Gen Z consumers are planning to use social media channels as part of their Christmas shopping process in 2022.

With 41% saying they will be buying most or not all of their presents this year via social media platforms. The latest research done by social commerce optimisation experts SimplictyDX, using a pool of around 1,000 shoppers, mirrors that of other experts such as Google who also found that over 40% of Gen Z consumers used TikTok to find a place to eat.

Although these same shoppers still have very deep-rooted trust issues surrounding social platforms, around 75% saying that influencers were a good source of information when it comes to discovering new products or providing recommendations. That being said 59% of shoppers said they are still more likely to buy from a brand's website than directly from the influencer themselves.

“The majority of the next generation of consumers start their shopping at the edge and finish by checking out on the brand site….
Their preference for using social media for shopping should be a wake-up call to all brands targeting Gen Z,
and an early warning that the way consumers buy is changing.” - Charles Nicholls, co-founder and chief strategy officer at SimplicityDX.

As we come into Christmas it’s important to note that it's not just the power of social influence that is a driving force in consumer buying habits, but with the cost of living crisis and other economic instabilities affecting Gen Z consumers, the desire for a bargain is insatiable with around 30% consider grabbing a discount the most important factor in their decision making process.

However don’t be fooled in thinking that plastering your social, website and other digital channels in glorious offers and promotionals is going to be the golden ticket thai Christmas, as Gen Z consumers also place customer experience higher than any other age group, with 26% saying that a good customer experience is vital to them when deciding who to buy from. 

“The prevalence of scams, fake news, inauthentic influencer endorsements has conditioned Gen Z to be wary and to seek out authenticity,”- Charles Nicholls



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