Smirnoff Launches Raspberry Crush Cans

March 20, 2022

Diageo’s Smirnoff is soon to release Smirnoff Raspberry Crush and Lemonade premix after it saw its Raspberry Crush Vodka become a bets seller over the last six months.

The flavoured vodka category is currently the fastest growing sub-category in spirits at 51.9% (1). With reports of a £2 million investment into marketing the new lines.

Camisha Zinke the Smirnoff Brand Manager had this to say “Following the launch of Smirnoff Raspberry Crush, we were keen to find more ways for people to enjoy the spirit as well as recruit new drinkers to the category –the launch Smirnoff Raspberry Crush and Lemonade premix RTD does exactly that.

“The latest product launch places the brand at the forefront of emerging trends and we’re excited to offer the high-quality, vibrant liquid in a convenient, on-the-go format which retailers can capitalise on.”

With the expected rollout on 6 April nationwide, the 250ml drink is sure to be a new summer favourite.

Will you be trying Smirnoff Raspberry Crush and Lemonade this summer?

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