Shoppers Threaten To Boycott Tesco Over Biometric Payments

June 5, 2022

Tesco has big plans for 2023 as they are reportedly set to launch a new biometric payments system that may even see them no longer accept cash or card payments.

Tesco Bank and Onfido - the global ID and authentication provider, recently partnered up to create a better application process for its Clubcard Pay+ customers, which used biometrics and AI.

The move comes after Amazon launched their own biometric payment system at their Whole Foods grocery store, which allows customers to pay with nothing but their hands, and Mastercard also launched their own biometric payment technology for their customers in May.

However, Tesco shoppers have voiced their concerns over the move, with one user even saying it’s “time to ditch Tesco '', and another pleading they “stop giving jobs to robots.

Although the plan hasn’t been officially announced, one Tesco customer tweeted that a staff member had let slip, that they will be introducing the biometric system early next year and that they will no longer be accepting cash or card payments.

The belief is that the new technology will ultimately lead to better shopper experience, shorter queues, better security and post-pandemic, a more hygienic way of paying for shopping, however, the technology is just one-step closer to a cashless society, which as with any new innovation that changes the status quo, it brings with it a large amount of scepticism amongst the public.

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