Shopmium - Can it Save The Day for Shoppers and Retailers Alike

June 6, 2023

With the cost of living making lives increasingly difficult for everyone, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel at times. Can money-saving app Shopmium save the day for millions of brits?

Described as an app that can give consumers access to "exclusive discounts and offers on your everyday purchases whether you shop in your local grocery store or online" Shopmium has become a fan favourite among money saving experts like Martin Lewis who recently featured on his TV show.

The company, which works with multiple stores Nationwide including independent retailers, symbols groups such as Spar, Londis, Premier and Budgens to name a few, offers free or discounted items to consumers via its mobile app. 

App users will be notified of any nearby promotions, once they purchase that item, they then scan and upload a picture of the barcode to the app where the discount will then be transferred directly to their bank account, within 48 hours. Simples.

With an average saving of £150 per week! Featuring over 2500 brands  and products with new deals added weekly, Shopmium could just be the light we have been looking for to guide us through these dark financial times.

Shopmium isn’t just benefiting consumers, it’s also providing much needed support to independent retailers who have all too often fallen at the hands of the doomed high streets, as they look to drive incremental footfall and repeat purchase.

 “We’re looking at how we can capture footfall. One of the biggest challenges in the independent convenience sector is creating relationships with customers.

“We’ve seen a 10-15% growth in monthly users compared to last year due to customers having tighter incomes. What we’re doing is we’re encouraging retailers to market similar products with those on offer. An example is peppers with an Old El Paso Fajita kit.

“We find that 35% of users will repurchase a product. They will likely because they know it’s available there and its price.” - Stuart Sankey HEad of UK, Shopmium.

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