Pot Noodle Launch New Doner Kebab Flavour

July 8, 2022

Brit’s favourite snack Pot Noodle, have just launched a new flavour that is sure to go down a hit, Doner Kebab.

We all know us brits love  a pot noodle, and one thing we probably love just as much if not more is a good Doner Kebab, so Unilever owned brand Pot Noodle has decided to expand its range of flavours by combining the two and creating the new Pot Noodle Doner Kebab flavour. 

Not just content with sticking to the classic pot format, the flavour will also be added to the block noodle line along with the three other new flavours Smokin’ BBQ, Champion Chicken and Chip Shop Curry.

Currently the Doner Kebab flavour is exclusive to ASDA, but there are other plans to roll out the flavour across other retailers in the near future.

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