Outform Launch Interactive Digital Mannequin

March 1, 2023

Innovative agency Outform has launched a world-first interactive digital mannequin giving consumers a whole new interactive in-store experience.

The ‘retail-ready visual merchandising solution’ is set to revolutionize the consumer experience in retail fashion, as shoppers can interact with the mannequin via their mobile phones, seeing how different outfits will look right there in store on real-life models. Shoppers will even be able to purchase items directly on their phone through a microsite. 

The new digital mannequins allow retailers to be able to showcase significantly more products than ever before, offer them another route to purchase and even provide retailers with insights on shopper behaviours through the data and analytics recorded through the digital interaction.

“The traditional mannequin hasn’t changed for a significant amount of time, but we’re now seeing digital transformation in fashion arrive when it’s most needed,” - Outform Group founder and president Ariel Haroush

Image: Freepik

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