Juicy Marbles Debuts In Waitrose For Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2023

The pioneers of the plant-based steak Juicy Marbles is set to make its UK supermarket debut this Valentine’s Day, as part of a special meal deal.

As demand for plant-based foods continues to rise within the UK, supermarkets like Waitrose are continuing to add new additions to their ranges.

Juicy Marbles plant-based steaks incredibly versatility hasseen them a hit amongst consumers as they recreate classic favourites such asWellingtons, using the nutrient rich steak.

“The thing that is really exciting about this product iswhen cooking you see the raw protein turn into a caramelised and juicy steakthat looks like the real thing.”

“the texture of the Juicy Marbles steak is like nothing Ihave ever seen before from other plant-based alternatives,” Martyn Lee - Headchef at Waitrose

Image: Juicy Marbles

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