Jack & Bry Launch World'sFirst Jackfruit Fish Fillet‍

June 20, 2022

Rapidly growing UK Plant-based startup Jack & Bry has just launched in partnership with The Cornish Seaweed Company what they claim is the world’s first unbreaded jackfruit fish fillet.

A winning combination of jackfruit flavour and texture, combined with the award-winning organic seaweed has been reported to be what creates the amazingly accurate texture and taste of seafood.

“The texture of the fillet was also impressively similar to that of real fish, with a soft yet meaty consistency that reminded me of the flakiness of haddock or rock.”  - Ryan Morwood, reporter, The Packet

Jack & Bry confirmed their intentions to bring their product to more places throughout 2022 after a successful launch at celebrity backed Neat burger and the famous Harbour Lights in Cornwall.

“We’ve changed the minds of climate-conscious pizza eaters and burger lovers with our jackfruit pepperoni and gourmet jackfruit burgers; we now want to focus our efforts even further, beyond land and into the ocean with our world’s first jackfruit fish fillet,” - Bryony Tinn-Disbury, Jack & Bry’s Founder & CEO.

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