itsu launch New ‘Melt In Mouth’ Broth Dumplings

February 26, 2022

Itsu are launching a new melting broth filled dumpling into their frozen range next month, a speciality normally served hot in restaurants.

The tang bao dumpling which is believed to originate from a city called Jinjiang not too far from Shanghai, is a mainstay of Chinese cuisine. 

The frozen treat is ready in 3 mins and Itsu suggests eating the dumplings in one single bite, in order to maximize enjoyment and make sure no broth squirts out and is wasted.

For anyone still not sure we found this video on youTube that might shed some light for you and provide a little insight into the culinary delight known as a Tang Bao.

The new frozen bao buns will be available in Tesco stores from next month.

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