How Recruitment Is Changing, For The Better

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June 30, 2022

After a rough 2 years, there has definitely been a huge shake-up in the way we work and what we look for in prospective employers. This means recruitment has to change and for the most part it seems for the better.

Increased Focus On Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Awareness of social issues have risen in the last 2 years, as more and more of us start to stand up and take more of a stand against discrimination and inequality. Candidates are now looking to align themselves with companies who share the same values as they do and are committed to upholding DEI policies within their organisation.

Additionally diversity, equity & inclusion actually tends to attract more talent, leading to increased innovation, performance and even profitability.

Remote Recruitment

WFH and remote working policies is definitely something that won't be going anywhere anytime soon if at all, so it goes without saying that the future of recruitment lies in remote recruitment & technologies that allow recruiters to interview virtually.

Employer Branding Becomes Vital

With more candidates looking to join companies that align to their own values, employer branding is going to become an instrumental asset in the battle for top talent, not just in being able to showcase how great your company is to prospective talent but also in reducing the rate of employee turnover.

Candidate Driven

There’s no denying it, there are more jobs than there are candidates, so we are very much living in a candidate-driven market. This means candidates hold all the cards, especially for those with in-demand skills and experience.

We can expect to see more creative recruitment strategies and models coming into play, and probably a lot more clients becoming more flexible on what they can offer.

Additionally, we can probably start to see the candidate approach happening sooner and more often as passive recruitment becomes more a standard operation, as companies look to develop relationships with top talent before they even start looking.


There has been a lot of hype across social platforms the last few years around transparency, especially around terms like ’Competitive Salary’.


Candidates know they can negotiate on salary, what they don’t want to see is a potential employer starting off the relationship with ambiguity. Going forward we should start to see companies stop hiding behind the ‘Competitive’  tag, and start actually doing the research themselves on what competitive is, providing a starting point for salary negotiations.

Not only will this show that you are a company that they can trust by being transparent, but also highlights what value you actually see in what they do and how important your skills are to them.

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