Freshly Cosmetics Close After Just 6 Months

June 28, 2022

Spanish beauty brand Freshly Cosmetics has decided to close its first international store on Carnaby Street, London after just six months due to lack of footfall.

According to a report by Retail Week, plant-based beauty brand, Freshly Cosmetics, who only recently opened their first ever international store here in the iconic Carnaby street in London, will not be renewing their lease after seeing a collapse in footfall. 

Attributed to a combination of the rise in hybrid working and the cost-of-living crisis the store had seen a drop in footfall into the store which culminated in the decision to not renew their lease after just six months. 

The store which only opened in November 2021 was originally opened with huge amounts of optimism, with Marta de Blas, International Growth Manager for Freshly saying “The launch of our first international retail store being in London is no coincidence. We firmly believe that having a physical presence in the UK, and in London particularly, is key to the success of our international growth strategy and has the potential to open Freshly’s doors to the world.

“Being situated in the famous and iconic Carnaby Street places us in the centre of one of the most cosmopolitan and desirable shopping destinations on the globe.

“Not only will this bring us great footfall and visibility, but it presents us with huge opportunity to bring the Freshly revolution alive to a new market and customer base.

“We are excited to see what the future holds and are looking forward to this new phase in our international growth.”

Although Freshly Cosmetics have not yet give any further comment to the closure, it is sad to see such a great brand leaving the Iconic high street. Perhaps we are now seeing a new age for the high street where brands have to do more than just have a presence to be able to be successful.

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