Councils Join Junk Food Crackdown

February 19, 2022

A huge number of local authorities across the UK are joining London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s radical plan to crackdown on junk food advertisements, in the light of new research showing how it has contributed to households consuming a whopping 1,000 calories less a week

Around 70 councils are poised over the coming weeks to announce their own plans to ban the ads, which sees restrictions being placed on what products can be advertised on local authority owned outdoor ads.

The research from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), highlighted that the ban imposed by the London Mayor resulted in Londoners cutting purchases of junk food by about 6.7% with chocolate and confectionery having the biggest decrease in weekly purchases equating to a 20% reduction.

The campaign has so far proven even more successful than the previous attempt which saw a sugar levy placed on soft drinks. 

Sadiq Khan said: “It is a scandal that London has such high levels of child obesity....There is no denying that advertising plays an enormous role in putting less healthy food and drink in the spotlight, and I am pleased to see the positive impact these groundbreaking measures have had, leading to a real reduction in the amount of junk food being purchased.”

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