Budweiser Launches Ukrainian Beer To Raise Money In The UK

April 1, 2022

Budweiser has announced that it will be launching Ukrainian beer Chernigivske across the UK, in an effort to raise money for charitable organisations including Caritas internationalis to support humanitarian relief efforts.

All profits from sales of the beer will be donated to charities and AB InBev is guaranteeing at least £4m in total sales across on- and off-trade.

The marketing director leading the initiative, Anna Rudenko said “I am proud that we can launch Chernigivske in the UK to support humanitarian relief. Chernigivske has been enjoyed by generations of Ukrainians. As a brewer, we can use our daily interactions with consumers to bring this beer to market and enable consumers to support humanitarian relief efforts.” (1)

The Ukrainian beer will be available from the middle of April and can be pre-ordered from Beer Hawk website. Businesses interested in participating in the initiative can contact the Budweiser Brewing group UK. (2)

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