As 76% Brits Worry About Rising Costs Of Food - Is Motatos The Answer?

June 8, 2022

Around 3 in 4 Brits now see rising costs of food as a major cause for concern according to a survey done by the FSA, but does the new online discount retailer Motatos provide the solution we all need?

We are all starting to feel the pinch, as the rising costs of living keep on rising with inflation hitting 9% in April 2022 and food and drink prices alone rising by 6.7%. In fact the FSA found that not only has the number of people using food banks increased from one in ten to one in six in March 2022, but in fact 22% or one in five people surveyed have even said they skip meals simply because they cannot afford to buy enough food.

So what is the answer to this growing crisis? Online-only discount retailer Motatos may be it. 

Hailing from Sweden, previously named Matsmart, Motatos founded in 2013 and was founded by three friends who united around a singular passion around eradicating food waste. Skip forward a few years and they have since taken Europe by storm, as their claim to be 60% cheaper than Aldi and Lidl have seen them expand operations across Denmark, Finland, Germany and now the UK.

Motatos promise is to stock well known products that would otherwise end up in land-fill, by selling surplus food from wholesalers, oh and they also only sell  “Save-the-planet-stuff”. 

“The Motatos’ strategy is to keep our costs at a competitive level…We offer top quality brands for up to 60% less than leading supermarkets, so this is where we differ from Aldi and Lidl.”” UK country manager Christabel Biella said

Motatos isn’t the first or only one to find innovative solutions to combating food waste, mobile app Too Good To Go have also been fighting the good fight for a few years now, by allowing retailers to offer discounted packages on products that might have to get thrown out at the end of the day

In more recent news, Spain's government have now announced that new legislation will allow fines to be placed upon supermarkets for leftovers in bins and even restaurants and bars must now provide ‘doggy bags’ for customers to take home their leftovers, as they try to tackle the 1,300 tonnes of food wasted every year across the country, similar efforts have been seen across France and Italy.

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