ALDI’s new Hot Cross Bun Booze

March 12, 2022

Easter just got a bit boozier as Aldi get ready to launch a new Hot Cross Bun flavoured Gin Liqueur, just in time for Easter.

The Gin, sure to be a favourite among us Brits who do love a Hot Cross Bun, is made by infusing flavours of caramel, raisins and cinnamon, and should be enjoyed straight up over ice or even mixed with ginger ale.

Set for release at the end of March for £8.99 and ABV of 20%, Easter may have just got a little more exciting for those not too fond of the classic Easter egg.

Instagram food blogger Kevs Snack reviews recently shared his thoughts and gave it a whopping 7/10, racking up hundreds of likes and really building the excitement up for this new Easter tipple.

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