ALDI U-Turn On Water Rationing Amid Heatwave

July 18, 2022

ALDI has denied all claims they are rationing water in the middle of a heatwave after their streatham store in south London was forced to take down a sign appearing to do exactly that.

The sign reading “Maximum 1x type of water per person” was apparently only put in place for a limited time and has now since removed thankfully, after an ALDI spokesman said “We don’t have any restrictions in place and have good availability of water in all our stores”.

The heatwave affecting not just the UK but also Europe is set to see the temperature soar up to 40°C this week, with plenty of videos going viral including one showing chocolate bars in B&M melting on the shelf!

Brits have been scrambling to find ways to stay cool, including a new trend in which people are covering their windows with tin foil in a bid to keep their homes cool. 

Around 58% of Brits have even been visiting supermarket chain Iceland just to go stand in the freezer isles to try and stay cool, to the point where the Islington store has now setup a ‘chill-out zone’ providing deck chairs, ice lollies and even cooling spray to help shoppers beat the heat.

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