4 Reasons Why Should You Work As An FMCG Recruiter In 2022

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June 27, 2022

If you are looking for an industry that has it all, but not sure what or where to start, let us offer a suggestion. Being a recruiter within the FMCG industry is an amazing option, and the industry has never been better.

Here’s 4 reasons why.

  1. Fast Growing Industry
  2. Incredibly Innovative
  3. Stable Industry
  4. Global Opportunities

Fast Growing Industry

The FMCG industry is crazy fast, there is on average 30,000 new products introduced to the market every year, that’s huge!

This means as a recruiter the opportunities for growth are almost limitless, with a rise in the desire to work for smaller, more agile startups and funding for new innovative FMCG platforms like Gorilla and Deliveroo, you will never know what may be round the corner for the industry and a savvy recruiter like yourself could find themselves very quickly on an exclusive contract with a rapid growing startup.

Incredibly Innovative

From fast-growing grocery delivery services like Gorilla, through to insect based-protein products and plant based startups like Moving Mountain, the FMCG industry is vast and the need to innovate is fierce. 

As a recruiter within FMCG you have the opportunity to help build teams like you would in no other industry, working closely with some of the most creative and innovation driven leaders to build teams that are both diverse and full of amazing talent both up-and-coming and veterans.

Stable Industry

In case you don’t already know FMCG means Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, this covers almost everything we buy in our day-to-day lives, from basic groceries through to gaming, this makes FMCG the most stable industry there is.

For a recruiter willing to build long-lasting relationships with clients, this means there will always be a need for them, and their expertise will always remain relevant (as long as you stay up-to-date with all the latest trends of course) 

Global Opportunities

The FMCG industry is not just confined to the UK, it is active and dominant in every corner of the earth, and it encompasses so many different sectors within it, from supply chain through to retail and even technology. FMCG is truly a global industry.

FMCG recruiters have the opportunity to be able to work with brands developing not just domestic teams, but global ones too.

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