4 Reasons Why Recruitment Is A Great Graduate Career

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May 7, 2022
  1. Amazing Growth Potential 
  2. Young and vibrant culture
  3. Build that network & experience
  4. Master of your own destiny

You’ve just finished your final exams, had an awesome graduation ceremony and are now ready to move up in the world. You’ve got big dreams of landing a stellar career, but then it hits you….What do I actually want to do?

Leaving university can be an extremely daunting time for most graduates, there’s a mountain of possibilities, career paths to choose from and even once you have chosen a potential path or even applied for a few grad schemes at big companies, with the amount of competition out there it’s actually quite slim that you will get accepted, after all the amount of companies that want 5+ years of experience just to consider you is crazy right! How can you possible have that kind of experience when you are applying for what is essentially your first job in this career! 

This is where so many graduates become stuck, choosing jobs they don’t want as a step gap, hoping that over time one of their applications will be accepted, but the reality is that as times goes by, all that really happens is more competition just enters the market as every year more students graduate and go through the same cycle as you are experiencing.

This is where recruitment can offer that shining light at the end of the tunnel.

With so many new recruitment agencies pooping up all the time, it is an industry that is bursting at the seams, crying for top talent, and by god does it pay well. On top of that it has amazing potential for personal growth and you literally spend your days working closely with top level management and hiring managers of the same big companies that originally didn’t even look at your CV.

If that little statement hasn’t made you think about Recruitment as the perfect option post grad, then here’s 4 more reasons why you should seriously think about it.

Amazing Growth Potential 

There are so many companies out there that have what is known as a ‘dead man's shoes’ situation. This basically means that in order for you to move up the career ladder within a company somebody needs to die….or retire, hopefully retire being the better out of these options.

This means that it can take years for you to get the promotion you so want or need, and your career progression solely hangs on the decisions of the person above you to move on in theirs.

Within recruitment this is simply not the case, you are completely in control of your own destiny, the rate at which you progress and develop is totally down to how much effort you put into it. In fact many recruiters say working in an agency is similar to owning your own business without all the stress that comes with being a business owner. 

Instant win right!

Young and vibrant culture

A lot of big companies out there will try and show off this young and vibrant culture, yoga classes in the morning and free croissants and such rubbish, but the reality soon sets in, when they realise a lot of the next level management are in their late 30’s and 40’s and have been there for a while…in fact most of the stuff they spout as great for culture, doesn’t get used, and the nights out, tend to mostly consist of the oldies talking about weddings or kids, with only a few of the team young enough to still make it past 10pm.

In recruitment the culture is fast-paced, and young, in fact most of the higher management have only been out of university themselves for a few years, so everyone is still very much full of life and energy, the offices tend to be bright and really do cater for the younger generation, team nights happen often, and can usually get pretty wild, and yet because of the incredibly high earning potential, you can actually afford it for once, you go to nice bars and restaurants, a lot, and the best part is everyone is on the same wavelength.

Build up that business experience 

This is probably the most important part of why being a recruiter for a graduate is so amazing. You build up business experience…Fast!

Everyday you are building networks with high value people, from big companies, usually across a variety of sectors with an industry, and not just quick fire relationships, long-term first name basis relationships, in fact some of our consultant have actually been wined and dined and even taken to VIP boxes to watch big football matches, simply off the back of the relationships they build. 

Additionally, you learn the art of sales negotiation, project management, economics, HR, financial budgeting, you basically learn how to source, attract and build high performing teams within high performing companies, making your skills invaluable to so many employers and across so many pathways.

Master of your own destiny

We already touched on this a bit in the first part, but it’s so awesome, we just had to mention it again. 

You are the master of your career!

Recruitment’s biggest advantage is you literally can carve out your own career path with little or no barriers in the way, if you put the time and effort in to learn ( and the learning curve is steep and fast) you will be able to go anywhere with it. Ever wonder why so many owners of recruitment agencies are so young?  Many recruiters end up running their own agencies, and successful ones at that, after a few years in the business, because the progression opportunity is solely in your control.

Bonus one: The pay is insane!

Here’s another one just in case you weren't already convinced and it is common knowledge across the world over…The pay in recruitment is unbelievably good!

Many recruiters often end up earning upto or just under 6 figures within the first few years of doing it, consistently, our top biller regularly takes over £120,000 a year easily, that’s £10,000 per month! 

On top of this, unlike many sales roles that offer similar ‘potential’ earnings, recruitment still pays a generous base, depending on what level you come in at, anywhere between £25,000 and £40,000 per year basic.


If we are honest a career in recruitment wasn’t why we went to university, it’s probably not even a career we have ever considered, and in some respects if we don’t do what we set out to do career wise 4 or even 5 years ago when we started university, we might consider our life a failure already at such a young age. 

But, recruitment is actually a fun, fast-paced and very underrated career choice that can open so many doors for young, bright graduates who are looking to make their mark on the world and get a good head start in life…..and worst case scenario, you learn tons of skills, build great relationships with influential people and earn a ton of money on the way through, beats pulling pints at wetherspoons or kissing backsides at some crappy office job you know you are way over-qualified for.

Just saying.

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