Joe Gosney

Director Of Channel Operations
Britvic Plc

iNDUSTRY voice

After working in National Accounts, Marketing, Field Sales & Supply chain I got the opportunity to move into a Revenue Management to use all my experience and learn the art of designing and delivering the commercial plan. Someone more experienced and senior told me “Think of it like working in Air Traffic Control – you can see the whole picture and anticipate the conflicts, or accelerate where we are winning, before they happen”.

It was great advice! I loved being at the heart of things;
solving complex problems, convincing senior stakeholders how we could adapt and
improve our plan and learning how to use a blend of passion and facts to
convince the sales team to execute what we had designed in the way we wanted it
done. I learned quickly the importance of cutting to the facts to diagnose
performance so that you had more time to think about what you wanted to happen
and then design back from there. Much like Air Traffic Control I also learned
that timely, accurate and clear communication was the secret ingredient to
success. Some people needed to know what the KPI was they had to beat, others
needed to hear that they were doing a great job.

Most of all, working in Revenue Management is about
accepting that no matter how great the plan looks on paper you’ve got to be
dynamic enough to flex its delivering in real life!

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