World’s Largest 3d Printed Steak

December 13, 2021

Israeli company MeaTech 3D have just unveiled the largest 3D printed steak weighing in at around 4oz, in the race for a new animal friendly way to create meat based products without the need to kill livestock, the announcement marks an exciting step forward for the development of cultivated meat.


The steak is made using real muscle and fat cells derived from tissue samples taken from a cow, the stem cells are then formulated in tobio links that can be placed into the company’s specialised 3D printer, incubated and matured into the steak.

“The breakthrough is the culmination of over one year’s efforts in our cellular biology and high-throughput tissue-engineering processes, as well as our precision bioprinting technology. We believe we have placed ourselves at the forefront of the race to develop high-end, cell-based meat products.” - MeaTech CEO Sharon Fima

Although such meat products won't be available just yet for the consumer, they are planning to sell the cultured fat which can be used in other products as early as 2022.

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