The Ugly Truth Of Recruitment

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October 20, 2021

It pays well…. suspiciously too well some might say.

That’s about it.

The end.

Of course, that’s not the end, in fact recruitment and being a recruiter like many other jobs has tons of ugly sides we just don’t talk about them, but it also has some amazing positives. In a true homage to Jekyll and Hyde, let’s explore the ugly vs the beautiful aspects of recruitment and life as a recruiter.

Long Work Hours vs Amazing Culture

It’s true recruiters do tend to work long days, but fundamentally this is because top quality candidates are usually working in a role already, so to be able to get in contact at a time that suits them, you’re going to have to hang around after (or before) the standard 9-5.

On the flip side, recruitment has probably one of the best work cultures of any industry, there really is merit to the saying work hard, play hard. Take us for example, sure we have a tendency to put in the extra hours here and there, but this has meant we can go, as a team, to some amazing places to celebrate at the end of the month, such as Michelin star restaurants, speedboating round the Thames and loads of other cool stuff. However, the best part really is in the day to day, most niche recruitment agencies like us are usually quite small in size 10 to 20 staff at most, and we are like a family.

Very Sales Focused vs Pays Really Well

Sales isn’t for everyone, just like cooking or sport isn’t for everyone, but if you can talk to people, are genuine, have spent most of your life getting rejected and you still come back for more, then sales is probably for you.

If sales is for you, then recruitment should be in your top 3 if not number 1 spot of careers to go for, because it pays really, really well. To put in context, one of our staff managed to pay off all her debts and buy her first house within something crazy like 18 months. Now, for most people that’s a lifetime of working to be able to do that.

Now let’s not be disillusioned here, not everybody who becomes a recruiter earns a 6-figure salary, most don’t. It does take a lot of effort and time to build up your network, to the point where you can regularly source and fill top level roles, but if you are willing to put the effort in then recruitment is hands down one of the best paying careers out there.

Bad Stigma vs One Of The Most Important Supportive Functions In Business. Period.

Like lawyers Recruiters tend to get a bit of rough reputation, largely due to the minority who are more interested in money than actually providing a good service, and although the industry has evolved over the years and become more approachable and customer focused, a quick LinkedIn search will show you that there are still those who revel in the flashy suits and watches that give recruiters and lawyers alike a bad name.

However, don’t be put off by this minority of, mostly these people are generic sales types who feel that being flashy tells people how successful they are, when in fact it is more likely that they live pay check to pay check in a 1 bed maisonette owned by their mum, driving a used BMW.

In fact, recruitment is one of the most important supportive functions to any business, since the recruitment process itself and sourcing of great talent, is so hard and competitive, that companies love being able to hand off that to specialists, like us.

Additionally, recruitment has changed, it’s more laid back, less suits and financials and more about the people, culture fit and how to help big brands develop their employee value proposition (yes that’s a thing) so that they can build long lasting and effective teams that change their business for the better….and we own BMWs straight from the showroom now.

To Conclude…

In short, long work hours bad, culture amazing, sales isn’t for everyone, but if you are a sales guy you’re going to live a long and expensive lifestyle, don’t listen to what people say, we are superheroes who own brand new BMWs.

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