Marcus Trench

Managing Director
Talent Acquisition Strategies / ELT and Board Level recruitment projects within the FMCG Sector.
Mobile Phone:
07900 884 431

meet marcus

Being honest, I fell into recruitment after pulling out of law school, working in retail, travelling the world, sitting on a beach, drifting about and generally not knowing what to do… (not necessarily in that order).  

I’d always enjoyed bringing people together.. friendship groups, parties, events etc… and I love talking!?! – from my first moments chatting to individuals about their ambitions and joining the dots to businesses who could use them, I found my space and certainly my passion. 

I built on my early retail experience to quickly understand the broad FMCG industry along with its clear, bespoke disciplines.  

With a firm belief that great business is about great people and that recruitment isn’t a numbers game, I set out with a plan to build a brand with a quality over quantity service delivered via strong, information sharing working relationships. I’m passionate about building effective teams and believe that effective people development and talent acquisition strategy can be a major factor in delivering corporate goals / wins.  

I’m proud of the team that have made Vertex Resourcing a “household name” in the FMCG world – known for our frank, uncomplicated and efficient approach to attracting top talent across a variety of levels / functions.  Equally so of the fact that we represent many of the industry’s leading brands and most talented individuals.  

I’m still very much on a journey, have plans to further grow the busines in line with increasing demand – along with day to day running, this takes a fair bit of my time but am at my happiest running recruitment campaigns in the market and “on the tools”. 

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