Sainsburys and Waitrose Remove Russian Products

March 5, 2022

More Russian products are being removed from British supermarket shelves amid the escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sainsburys and the John lewis Partnership (which owns Waitrose) have followed in the footsteps of other big name supermarkets like Morrisons, in removing all Russian owned products from their shelves.

Popular products such a Russian standard Vodka and Karpayskiye black sunflower seeds are just some of the products being removed, as multiple big name grocers unite in support of Ukraine.

“We stand united with the people of Ukraine. We have reviewed our product range and have decided to remove from sale all products that are 100% sourced from Russia.” - Sainsburys Spokesperson.

Sainsburys have gone over and above in supporting Ukraine during this crisis, after announcing that they will be donating £2million to Comic Relief who are supporting humanitarian efforts across the country, alongside changing the name of their Chicken Kiev to Chicken Kyiv with new packaging being released shortly.

Sainsburys have also announced that any donations made through their Nectar app will go directly to support those on the ground in the Ukraine and that they will also match those donations upto to £500,000. 

“This money will go directly to support the crisis in Ukraine via a range of measures including distributing care packages and ensuring there are child protection measures in place, donating essential supplies to the reception centres as well as medical, legal and trauma support,”

The solidarity show by these huge supermarket chains has also been reflected across Europe as big grocers like Netto have also stopped selling Russian products across their stores in multiple countries like Germany and Poland.

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