Plastic Out And Cardboard In For Oumph!

January 24, 2022

That’s right Oumph! The Swedish plant-based frozen brand are planning to phase out plastic from their packaging and instead replace it with recyclable cardboard as part of their continued effort to “further limit their environmental impact”.

Linda Arnason Oumph!’s Global Manager said “Our food is a progressive choice and we wanted the packaging to match that.”

“There are certain challenges in creating a more sustainable packaging for frozen food, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve found a solution with recyclable cardboard packaging,”

The new packaging has been received well so far by retailers and consumers alike, and with several new product launches on the way, Ander Linden Head of Innovation and Corporate Chef at Oumph! said “Oumph! has an edge as a brand and we want that to be reflected in the packaging,”

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