Iceland Offers Discount for Over 60’s

May 23, 2022

As prices have sorn by 9% in last 12 months alone, reaching a 40-year high, it’s no surprise we are all feeling the bite. (1)

This is why Iceland is set to offer a 10% discount every Tuesday for over 60’s, starting the 24thof May.

How to Claim

The discount can be claimed by presenting proof of age, such as a driving licence or senior bus card, according to Iceland. The discount will be available exclusively in-store from the 24th of May every Tuesday and there is no minimum spend.


The MD Richard Walker had this to say, “We have a long history of supporting our over-60s customers, such as when we launched ‘Elderly Hour’ at the height of the pandemic. The cost-of-living crisis has made support for these customers even more important, which is why I’m proud that we’re finding new ways to support them, including the launch of this discount. We hope it will help all those in this age category to cut costs where they can.” (2)


This isn’t the first time Iceland has stepped up for the elderly as it was the first supermarket to set aside a shopping hour for elderly people during lockdown in 2020.

What are other stores are doing?

Many rivals have also cut their prices to compete with discount stores like Lidl and Aldi. Meanwhile Morrisons has said it will offer an average “13% price cut on more than 500 goods”. (3)


Sainsbury's said it was trying to limit price increases despite facing higher costs from suppliers; the supermarket giant aims to lower the prices of around 150 of its most popular products. 

Asda said it will launch a budget range called "Just Essentials" in May, but the name has a legal challenge from Waitrose with their similar range of “Just Essentials”.

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