The Future of Friday Drinks

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September 17, 2021

With the roadmap to the end of lockdown in sight, and preliminary dates for entertainment and pub venues to re-open. Dare we say it's time for us to start planning those ever-needed Friday after work socials that we have all sorely missed. We've almost forgotten what it's like to finish early on a Friday and hit the pub, for that well earned end of the week pint. But what does the future hold for our socials? With the government looking like they are ready to announce the vaccine passports, and the likelihood that social distancing inside venues is to be here for the long term will this spell the end of the quick pint, as we are all forced to have to make more strategic social plans “ which as we all know never go to plan. But on the flip side does this mean more in-office parties are on the horizon? If so here area couple ideas we thought of.

Casino Night

Everyone loves the glitz and glam of a casino, and there are plenty of places that hire out the equipment for very affordable prices. Throw in a theme like 007 James bond or1940's gangsters and if the budget stretcheshirea cocktail mixologist for the evening and you'll have an event that your staff will speak about for months! You can even do it the name of charity and use it to push your brand out there in the community (and get around those pesky gambling regulations!)

Aussie Day BBQ

As it starts to warm up what better way to enjoy it than with a BBQ, Aussie day style-provided you have the space, like we do “ obviously don't do it indoors on a disposable, it won't end well! Get everyone to don their best smart casual look, inflatable Roo's (kangaroos to you and me), thongs (flip flops) and do some traditional Aussie day games, drink plenty of fosters and eat some BBQ grub“ but don't skimp on the sausages! if these don't take your fancy, and you want something a little more relaxed, remember you can always just pop a few bottles of wine in the fridge and just finish an hour early on a Friday. Either way all we know is with summer round the corner our outdoor balcony is going to finally get some good use. Cheers!

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