Aldi’s Plant-Based Sales Smash A 500% Increase!

February 6, 2022

The popular January Vegan trend, Veganuary, has been integral in the success of Aldi's plant-based sales, as they see a whopping 500% increase in YOY sales, this January 2022.

In a response to increase demand the range offered by the discount supermarket giants, has increased by 50% this year, as they recorded a huge 250% increase in sales of vegan products over the course of 2021, sparking the realisation that just like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, veganuary is not just for january either.


Julie Ashfield, Aldi’s managing director of buying, said “Veganuary is getting bigger and bigger each year as the UK’s appetite and interest in plant-based food grows,”

“But it’s also a trend that we’re witnessing year-round and, as more and more people adopt this diet, we expect these products to remain popular throughout the year.”

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