5 New Vegan Products You Should Not Miss This Veganuary!

January 10, 2022

We are 10 days into another January of Veganuary, the month where every food (& some drink) company is jumping on the wagon to help us eat healthy by ditching the meat…..Which is some ways is a little ironic since it was only a month ago they spent all their effort getting us to do the exact opposite for Christmas, but hey ho, so is the wacky world of product and consumer trend.

Today we bring you 5 of the latest Vegan innovations from some of the most beloved brands that if you are doing Veganuary you would be crazy to miss!

  1. Vegan Babybel Cheese

Yes a family picnic favourite has joined the Vegan train, Babybel has launched a vegan variety of its snack size cheese’s, that is made using a blend of coconut and starch, we just hope that the wax coating is the same, the feeling of unwrapping a babybel……the addiction is real.

  1. Applewood & Tortilla Vegan Quesadilla 

Oh wow, now this looks amazing, Tortilla's signature vegan chilli, topped with smoked vegan Applewood cheese, famous hand-made guacamole and salsa verde….Talk dirty to me.

  1. Mini Magnums

So this isn’t probably as new as some of the products shown, as Magnum have already created a pretty extensive range of vegan products,, but these new Vegan Magnum Mini’s in both almond and classic, definitely deserve to be on this list and you 100% should be keeping a few of these in the freezer this Veganuary.

  1. Burger King's Vegan Nuggets

Mcdonalds did it, KFC did it, even Tortilla did it….so makes sense that BK would also do it and do it well they have, the general verdict being that although a tad greasy and bland, they look and taste like a chicken nugget and with a bit of sauce - sweet chilli or ketchup depending on your preference, they aren’t too bad, in fact quite a few have said they would definitely buy them again…..So that’s a win in our book, well done KFC.

  1. The Mcplant By Mcdonalds

Bah-Da-Bah-Bah-Dah I’m loving it! Couldn’t help myself…..But yes the long awaited Beyond Meat / Mcdonalds collaboration is finally here after a soft launch last year, they are now ready to spread the love nationwide, and after 3 years of waiting the verdict is that it is banging, and according to one reviewer for the Wales Online “ a clear winner” over Burger King’s Nuggets and the KFC Vegan Burger too.

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