3 Tools To Make Your Life Easier, Right Now!

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February 2, 2022

We can all agree that sometimes staying on top of things can be an ever growing task that if you aren't careful, will very quickly become an unclimbable mountain of daily task, that ultimately mean we can't focus on what really matters, building those long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. 

That's why today we wanted to bring you 3 tools that can help make your daily life easier to manage.

1. Keep on top of that to-do list - ASANA

This is probably the most important tool and the one most likely to change your life the fastest, as long as you use it right that is.
ASANA allows you to organise those daily tasks and pesky to-do lists with absolute ease, you can link and track all those smaller tasks to one larger goal, which just helps you to visualise why you are doing them in the first place, and even create a little animation that rewards you everytime you complete a task.

Simple to use and very intuitive and for one person, free for most of the bits you would really need....What more could you ask for, this is basically a free PA.


2. Increase Client Uptake Of Candidates with Video - HireVue

As recruiters we spend so much time going back and forward between client and candidate trying to sell both sides to each other, helping candidates to tweak their CV's so they can stand out in the dense crowd, wouldn't it be so much easier if they could just take a short video of themselves, essentially selling themselves and their experiences, well you can, welcome to HireVue.

Assessing HireVue's Algorithmic, Video-Based, Assessment - Leading with  People Analytics

Many large companies already use and even request that candidates answer questions via HireVue during the interview process, so why not get a step ahead of the game and have your candidates do it at the application stage. Mobile friendly, and super easy to use, having candidates use a video platform like HireVue to compliment their CV, is a sure fire to get seen by client and also allow your candidates to put their best foot forward.....Plus if you are smart and can create a generic intro template of questions for candidates to answer, you could probably re-use that video for multiple applications, saving time and increasing your chance of a client taking up a candidate.

3. Stay on top of meetings - Calendly

Ever been in the situation where you have double booked several meetings, with no way of moving any of them? This situation is going to lose you money as both clients and candidates start to lose trust in you because, well if you can't manage your own diary how could you possible help them with their career?

Introducing Calendly.

Calendly HubSpot Integration | Connect Them Today

This great piece of software, allows you to link up your diary, manage what time slots you are actually free for a meeting, and then all you do is simply provide a link to your client or candidate, to book themselves into a free slot which best suits them, super easy and no more double booking.

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