5 Luxurious Easter Eggs For Big Kids 2021

It’s that time of year again, and for the most part it’s a time of year when the kids all eat too much cheap chocolate eggs, run around like crazy for 2 hours finding even more smaller chocolate eggs, scream a lot and throw up on the carpet, fall asleep….Then the adults get to drink some wine, and fall asleep at 7pm……Ahh Easter, for us adults it’s not exactly the most relaxing weekend, but we still enjoy it for the kids. But today, with this selection of amazing Easter Eggs specifically designed with the big kid in all of us, you too can enjoy stuffing your face with too much chocolate, running round like crazy, and yes probably throwing up on the carpet.

Fancy kicking off Easter with Mystic Meg telling you your future?

Well thanks to Deliveroo’s latest Easter Egg creation in collaboration with the Psychic legend, you now can. The vegan egg designed to look like a crystal ball, is crafted with luxurious dark chocolate,  and is available from March 31st.

Celebrate Easter in style this year, with celebrated pastry chef Matthieu Carlin’s simply jaw dropping chocolate egg that has the iconic palace D.S car emerging from the centre. Filled with beautiful truffle and praline eggs, this is an egg only for the very, very, VERY special person in your life……Especially at 70 euros a pop!

What lady doesn’t love Prosecco or Gin? This Easter Egg is surely to go down a hit with the special lady in your life. Prosecco flavoured egg, infused with popping candy, and filled with luxurious boozy gin infused pink truffles. Now that’s an easter egg fit for a queen.

Lads, lads lads!! It’s always seemed a strange combination Guinness & chocolate, but it just works.

Complete with mini chocolate pints of the black stuff, this egg is just egg-cellent (sorry had to get one pun in) for any lad.

This one is an absolute show stopper, and if you are a lover of strawberries then this is a must.

Handcrafted by London’s most luxurious chocolatier in the Heart of Notting Hill, Melt has outdone themselves with this beauty. Tasting like wild strawberries freshly picked and dipped in dark chocolate, this handcrafted luxurious vegan Easter Egg is made with real strawberries and 70% Dark Chocolate, and a passionfruit tip. Damn that’s a seriously good Egg.