5 Of The Best Office Rooftop Gardens

Summers almost here, lockdown is almost over…..It's rooftop season. Let’s not beat around the bush and get stuck in, here’s the top 5 (in our opinion) best office rooftop garden setups.

Never one to do things by small measures, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook HQ in California, is an office rooftop to be reckoned with.

3.6 acres of Frank Gehry designed space in the heart of Silicon Valley, including over 200 trees, an amphitheatre, numerous artworks, salon, café, restaurants and its own town square, all overlooking the gorgeous San Francisco Bay……Wow, it’s amazing anybody gets any work done.

With panoramic views of Tower Bridge, a jam-packed schedule of events including Yoga, this office rooftop garden is sure to create some serious office envy.

The space called ‘Skylight’ is a former multi-storey car park that has been re-developed into an office block housing a huge number of businesses and entrepreneurs spanning all manner of trendy sectors.

This is the place to be in London.

Ok so this one from WeWork’s flagship office in India is just showing off. The company known for its amazing, shared office space designs, has really hit the button with this one.

Come on who wouldn’t want to take a lunchtime dip, especially when its mid-30’s outside.

Dig’s rooftop space show that size isn’t everything. This dog-friendly (yes you heard right dog friendly) space is a perfect fit for the types of residents, creatives, marketers & innovators.

Come on, you didn’t think we show off office rooftop spaces, and not show our own.

But you have to admit it’s a pretty damn nice rooftop space, complete with a mini football goal.