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September 17, 2021

If you're looking for creative ways of bringing your office together, we've done the research for you. We've collected a few of the most popular activities and games for team building, depending on the issue you want to address. The activities we explore are specific to team bonding and communication .Let's get into it¦

Activities for Team Bonding/Communication

Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my personal favourites! What is it? A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organisers compile a list of items, and the team separate into groups to hunt these items down (without buying them of course!). The group that collects all the items, or as many as possible, in the quickest time wins. Here's an example -

Of course you can choose any items you want, these are just a few examples. You could even choose a few items that only exist outside of the office, to make it a bit more challenging!

What are the benefits?

It allows your team to practice important communication skills whilst under pressure. If they don't communicate effectively, they'll fall short at the end. So, it's perfect for testing your team's ability to work in a fast paced environment too. It will be an interesting way to observe the different dynamics amongst the groups, and assess the reasons why a team may not have done as well as others - or vice versa. At the end of the challenge, ask the top ranking team members why they think they did so well - what skills did they demonstrate to get the job done together? How did they communicate with one another? Also ask the same for the group that came in last - what could they have done better? Were there particular obstacles stopping them from performing well? Ultimately, it's going to be a bit of fun for everyone involved and spark up some friendly competition!

Two Truths and a Lie

Now this is a game to spice things up a bit!

What is it?

Two truths and a lie is a bit more of an icebreaker for your team - so it's perfect if you have any new office members or even if you think your team haven't gotten to know each other very well as of yet. Each individual takes it in turns to list 3 ˜facts' about themselves - 2 of these facts are true and one is a lie. It is then up to the other team members to guess which one is the lie! This can get quite juicy, depending on how far you want to take it. So, for example¦

  1. I've swam with sharks
  2. I'm allergic to nuts
  3. I have 4 siblings

(or something like that¦)

What are the benefits?

As I said, it's a perfect ice breaker and helps the team bond. It gives team members an insight into each other's lives and reveals a little bit more about them that people didn't know. It's also an excellent conversation starter, and might show that people have more in common than they thought. It's also just a fun way to test how intuitive everyone is - but if you want to add the competitive edge, introduce a points system. Top Tips:

  • Keep all the statements the same level of believability so it's harder to figure out what is what
  • Use simple lies that seem believable
  • Try not to say your lie last
  • Don't over-explain your lie. Keep it short and sweet.

Circle of Appreciation

Aww¦ it's about to get real soppy up in here!

What is it?

The circle of appreciation is one of the most popular activities for expressing appreciation within a work group. It's facilitated by, you guessed it, getting everyone into a circle! Mind blowing. Once everyone is in their places, each person takes it in turn to look at the person next to them (eye contact is key) and tell them one thing they appreciate about them. It can be absolutely anything - work related or not. Surprisingly, this might be the most difficult team building activity for your team to get settled into. It can be uncomfortable to be vulnerable, especially in front of a large group of people. Therefore we suggest that the leader/manager of the team goes first and sets an example. Once that ice is first broken, people might begin to relax a bit and realise it's not so odd. As the activity goes on you might notice that people get more insightful and meaningful with their expressions of appreciation - which is the aim of the game! You want your team to be genuine and thoughtful throughout.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are fairly obvious - it's going to massively improve relationships within the workplace and increase motivation and productivity. As employees, there's nothing better than feeling seen, heard and appreciated by your colleagues - it encourages you to keep succeeding. It will also be a reminder that there is a solid support system around them. And, you never know who might really need to hear that they're appreciated - it's going to give everyone's mental well-being that extra boost. It should be common practice to remind each other what we appreciate about them and show gratitude on a daily basis.

Showcase Yourself To The Max

List Your Skill Sets First

Common knowledge when writing a CV is that we should put our job experience in reverse chronological order first. Surprisingly, 41% of recruiters are actually looking for skill sets to be listed first. This might be because they want to quickly understand what you have under your belt and what you could bring to the table at their company, and if the skills you possess are even needed for the open position. Dazzle them with everything you have to offer and then some!

External Links

If you're an individual with more to showcase than just job experience and qualifications, you might want to include links to evidence this. For example, if you're a creative of some kind you might have a portfolio to share, or if you're an influencer you might want to share your social media channels, blog posts or website. If you curate video content you could even link to your YouTube channel. Basically, anything that reveals something different about you is a major key! You want to stand out from the crowd, especially if there's a long queue of people waiting to get the same job as you. People have layers, and so it's understandable to feel like you can't refine who you are down to a resume.

Attach A Cover Letter

Including a cover letter alongside your CV is crucial. It allows both recruiters and employers to develop a better understanding of who you are and your suitability for the position. More often than not, your CV will get tossed aside if it's unaccompanied. We touched more on how to write a compelling cover letter in our Ultimate Guide to Changing Careers. Even if you're not changing careers, the tips listed in the post apply to anyone that just needs a hand with their cover letter.

Got everything you need?

Hopefully we've inspired you to get the ball rolling on your team building activities. We guarantee you and your employees will love these games, and remember - don't put pressure on it! Have a laugh, and see the benefits unfold afterwards. If you want to learn more about the concept of team building, check out our Ultimate Guide to Team Building for more information. Thanks for reading! Want to hear more top tips? Looking to fill a role, or maybe you want to know more about careers at Vertex?  Subscribe to our monthly newsletter jampacked with the latest tips, news, and opportunities within FMCG and Recruitment.

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