3 Socially Distanced Team Building Events Your Team Will Love

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September 17, 2021


The Cube Tv Show

Ever seen the tv game show the cube? Think you have what it takes to win it? Well now thanks to adventure connections you can!

Test you skills as you face a series of intense challenges inside a big inflatable box, complete with all the game show lighting and even a gameshow host, you and your fellow colleagues will be pitted against one another in an event like no other as you battle in team head to head quiz challenges to win entry for one of your team members to enter the box and win special bonuses like swap a player, simplify or trail run, just like the famous TV show.

FYI “ only one person goes in the box and provided your team sit 2m apart, then its socially distanced.

Bubble Football

This one from Extreme Events, is must have for any offices out there missing the weekly 5-a-side events, something we loved here at Vertex pre-Covid.

Bubble football, has to be the best team building event there is, not only do you get fit, are literally more protected from Covid than ever because you're in a bubble, but you can also exact revenge on your boss in a safe environment, where knocking them to ground is actually part of the fun. Winning!

Off Road Motor Sport Day

If your team compromises of adrenaline junkies or petrol heads, then this is the one for them.

Courtesy of eventourous.co.uk, you and your team can spend the day doing a variety of high octane, adrenaline pumping motor sports, ranging from quad biking, blind 4x4 driving through to heart pumping off road karting in some seriously powerful karts!

And if you do have some in the group who aren't so adrenaline seeking, they also do Segway's, for those looking for the slower lane.

Disclaimer - This is socially distanced because your outside and your face is covered by a helmet, it is however not embarrassment proof and no liability can be taken from future name calling if you scream like a schoolgirl or boy, or even non-binary cat, we don't discriminate.

Which event would you choose for you team?

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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