3 Things We Can Learn From HRH Prince Phillip

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September 17, 2021

With the recent passing of HRH Prince Philip, and the funeral being held at Windsor Castle this Saturday 17th April. We thought it would be apt to look at 3 ways the prince has inspired us.

Forward thinking

For most of us, when we think our grandparents or anyone over the age of 75, the words technology enthusiast are probably not the first that comes to mind.

However, even at the ripe old age of 99, Prince Philip still held a keen interest in the modern world.

Known for advocating the coronation to be televised in the 1950's and modernising the royal family, he even in 2017, during his tour of Vantage power the designers of the hybrid bus engine, reminded them that he was in fact one the first people ever to drive an electric car back in the 1960's. What a man.

People First

Never one to sit on his royal hands, Prince Philip was huge in the charitable scene, being a patron for over 900 charities, with his most favourite being the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) where he was their first president.  

Also, let's not forget the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DOE) that so many of us had the privilege of taking part in as youngsters. This award has brought so much purpose to so many young adults who felt they had nowhere to go.


HRH also had another title to a few, god.

That's right, HRH Prince Philip was also known by the tribal villagers of the Vanuatuan island of Tanna, as a god like spiritual figure, who they now worship.

That's one hell of a responsibility to undertake.

But the Prince believed that real leadership came from an obligation to serve the people, which is probably why even through all his comical mishaps and un-PC statements, he is still loved by so many, and revered as a god by a few.

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