5 Habits Of Effective Recruiters - How To Be A Top Biller

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September 17, 2021
  • 1. Understanding
  • 2. Long term thinking
  • 3. Highly organised
  • 4. Know it's a people game
  • 5. Have a personal brand

Sometimes it can feel like being a top biller is only reserved for those who have either been in the game a billion years or have some un-earthly ability to make clients agree to every take on all their candidates.

Today we want to share with you how you too can become a top biller, or at least understand it's not some magical force but instead a simple set of habits.

Completely understands the client needs

Top recruiters just know, what their client needs are, sometimes even before they do.

If you want to become a top biller, then start investing time into understanding the full scope of your clients needs, what their business is planning over the next 6, 12 and even 36 months, this way you can bring them the right talent that matches not just the immediate needs, but the long-term objectives of the company. Once you start doing this you will not just be filling the odd role here and there but building entire teams over several years.

This brings us to habit number two.

Long term thinker

Being the best takes time, a lot of effort and a lot of time.

You should be setting yourself goals not just daily or monthly, but quarterly and yearly too. There is a really good method called the Horizons of Focus, that makes you focus on the larger picture, your purpose and ultimate vison, and then build up to that with ˜baby steps' or smaller goals. Sounds simple, we can assure it's not as easy as it sounds, but it is definitely worth doing.

When you start doing this you realise just how much value there is in the long-term relationships you build, over the short-term quick fixes. Let's face it as we get older, we want an easier life where our hard work begins to pay dividends, not to be chasing the money around like we did in out twenties.

Highly organised

This really goes hand in hand with the previous one, and should be a given, but if you aren't organised then you will find it very hard to be successful and achieve any of your goals from point 2.

We have all worked with someone who's desk looks more like a crime scene, and on every call, they are scrambling to find either a pen or a particular important document, or sometimes even their mouse which has been covered up by random bits of paper or food packaging.

Dave is a top biller, Dave is organised, Dave knows where everything is, be like Dave.

They know it is a people game

Far too many recruiters focus on just the clients and treat the candidates as if expendable. This is wrong.

The best recruiters will tell you that recruitment is a people industry, and our job is to act as a matchmaker, meaning candidates are just as important as the companies supplying the role. So, to be a great recruiter, invest time in building relationships with great candidates, because the average candidate will change jobs between 5-7 times, that's 5-7 opportunities for you to make money from a single candidate, and is just another reason why you should focus on the long term and not the short term.

Have a personal brand

We have already established that recruitment is a people game, we already know that people buy from people, and in an age of social media, personal branding is the probably the most powerful asset recruiters have in their arsenal.

Top recruiters, scrap that high earning individuals all have one thing in common, they have invested in their personal brand. You don't need to suddenly start doing ted talks or invest tons of money in huge social media campaigns, it's just like networking, you need to show up and not upset everybody in the room.

If you want to know how to develop your personal brand, check out our blog here.

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