Why Is Hiring Experienced Recruiters So Hard? - The Holy Grail Of Recruitment

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September 17, 2021

Finding and hiring experienced recruiters is ironically probably the hardest task for a recruitment business.

Why? Well, that's the million-dollar question.

In previous articles we've looked at creating a great employer brand to attract the best talent, and sure this does work, but it is still only from one perspective, the business. What about from the recruiter side, what is stopping them (or you if you are a recruiter reading this), from getting a better deal?  

We do it daily for others, so why do we always leave ourselves naked to the bullish whip of whatever pit boss we first met after leaving university.

They Believe It's the Brand & Not Them That's Successful

Surprisingly although top billers may seem on face value as arrogant and egotistic, strutting around like they own the place, they are just as human as the rest of us and carry the same concerns.  

Am I replaceable? Am I really a good salesperson, or is the company brand the real star of the show?

This leaves many top billers stuck with the fear, preferring to minimise the risk of going it alone, ultimately reaping far lower rewards, in exchange for the safety of a brand name.

Recruitment business owners are very good at attributing the success to the brand name, when in reality sure a brand does play a big part, but a brand is nothing without its people to support it.

Comfort Zoned “ Why rock the boat

Much akin to the above, far too many high performing recruiters are willing to side-line their career progression in what can only be described as a fear of ˜rocking the boat.'

We are all guilty of doing this, staying in our comfort zones and our daily routines because let's face it, doing something new is hard. However, growth is hard, nothing worth having is easy, we all know this.

Distorted perceptions “ If I'm looking, it must be because I suck!

There is this belief among recruiters that if you are actively looking at opportunities elsewhere, other recruiters will see it as you are either are a pain in the ass to work with or more commonly that your decision to move is a reflection on your performance, i.e., you are failing to hit your objectives, and you are not as good as you say.

This isn't true, in fact if you are looking to move around as a top biller, it's more a sign that either the business isn't doing its best to offer you a package reflective of your skills, you are looking for a step up to a more compelling environment or that you just want a new challenge.  

What's the solution?

If you are a recruiter and you are feeling like it's time for a new challenge, don't just jump straight into the next thing, first do the following on a personal level to make sure the next opportunity really is going to take you to the next level.

Look at what you want beyond the money: Culture, WLB, social etc.

Focus on the long term: How can you make a passive income, not just bonus to bonus.

Make a plan: Set yourself some career objectives

Write these down, and then look around at who can help you achieve your objectives and provide you with what you want, if you are an experienced, high performing recruiter, recruitment leaders will be biting your arm off to get you.

Lastly, do it today not tomorrow and BE BRAVE... As brave as you were closing your first deal! remember that?!!

If you are looking for an opportunity that has all the reward of owning your own agency with the safety net of an established brand then get in touch with either Matt or Marcus here at Vertex, we might just have what you are looking for.

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