FMCG News: ASDA reveals

September 17, 2021

Today, we find out more about the new slogan that Sainsburys has unveiled for their new healthy eating brand, how 1000's of peoples jobs are at risk regarding Asda's new 'Transformation' plan and how the retail sector is predicted to see a 50% hike in sales once the lockdown ends. Enjoy!

Thousands of jobs at risk as ASDA reveals new 'Transformation' plan

Only days after being acquired by the Issa brothers and TDR Capital (which we reported on previously), Asda is now announcing a list of altercations to be made to their workforce, as they look to adjust their business to align with some of the latest trends in shopping. The shake-up is being driven by the dramatic shift in demand towards online food orders and various other internet services during this pandemic period. Asda has stated that its delivery volumes have doubled over the course of the last half a year in order to reach levels that it expected to achieve in 9 years! The supermarket giants are looking to overhaul their business operations in 3 specific sectors, and this could affect up 5,000 jobs. Asda have stated that these proposals have been put into place to help efficiency and to simplify existing processes. Asda has also announced plans to close their Dartford and Heston home shopping centres “ which will affect an estimated 800 jobs, as it looks to focus more on online orders at the expense of traditional supermarkets.

Retail sector predicted to jump up by 50% once the lockdown ends

We have been told when April comes, we will be able to shop like normal people again. This massive increase in the number of consumers visiting retailers is expected to see a larger number of shoppers than we have seen at the end of the last 2 previous lockdowns. Analysts at Springboard have stated that footfall will rise by up to 47.9% was he weeks pass by from the 12th of April, with high street shops predicted to be the biggest winners, seeing a rise of 59%. As for the retail parks and shopping centres, footfall is expected to increase by 26% and 46% respectively. The predictions state that once the reopening of the high streets in mid-April takes effect, customer footfall will rise by 128.5%. A staggering increase in spending is on the cards, and a well needed one.

Sainsburys unveils new slogan for healthy eating

Sainsburys is set to put their, ˜Live Well For Less' slogan on the back burner and replace it with the new slogan, 'Helping Everyone Eat Better'. This news comes at the same time as the news that the Principal Supermarket Partner has gone to Sainsburys by the United Nation's international climate change conference COP26, which will be held in Scotland in November this year. Sainsburys has stated that the new slogan aims to put an emphasis on how the best tasting foods can also be the healthiest foods and affordable and sustainable to boot. At COP26, high ranking CEOs from Sainsbury's will be hosting and participating in a series of events and talks to show the strategies and innovations that have aided the supermarket chain in reducing its carbon footprint by 42% over the last 16 years.

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