5 Tasty Snacks Not Found In The UK

September 17, 2021

It's no surprise us brits love our snacks from the perfect dunkable biscuit, Mcvities Hobnobs of course! To the British classic After Eights, we do have a strange affection for mint or orange flavoured chocolate. However, there are some snacks around the globe that we brits just don't get to gorge on. Here's our top list of things we miss out on!

Hot Pockets “ (USA) Garlic Crust Pepperoni Pizza".

Although you can get similar products in the UK, nothing compares to these beauts from Nestle, which currently are only sold in the US, we might do chocolate better, but those yanks really know how to make junk food., beautiful cheesy junk food.

Royce Chocolate “ Nama A Japanese Wonder"

These gorgeous looking chocolates hail from Japan, in a place called Hokkaido, and is Japans flagship chocolate. Nama a term referring to whipped cream and chocolate is a product range of chocolates from Royce that often include variety of liquor or if you really want a taste of Asia try the matcha flavoured ones below. Although you can probably find some varieties that will ship to the UK, we are sad to say these are not currently available mainstream and is definitely a big one on our list!

Tirggel- The Swiss Classic

Originating from only one cities bakeries - Zurich, and dating back to the 15th Century, this Swiss cookie is made with honey, ginger, aniseed, coriander, rosewater, and flour. Although traditionally eaten in the colder months, these tasty little treats are enjoyable anytime of the year, especially while hiking over the mountains listening to the sound of cow bells.. yes their cows do actually have massive bells hanging around their necks...weird.

Taro Pie “ McDonalds (Asia)

Now you might be thinking as a brit that this apple pie from McDonalds looks a bit dodgy, but hold you r horses, because in fact it is a taro pie from McDonalds in Thailand, and yes it is purple.

This colourful filling, is made with you guessed it taro root, a plant found largely in Southeast Asia and India, it's a bit like chunky mashed potato bit sweet and well purple.

Although predominately served in Asian countries, it did have a trial run in Hawaii and McDonalds has recently announced that it is back on the menu over there once again.

Guess what... Taro Pie is back! Who's getting one today? At participating McDonald's. #McDonaldsofHawaii pic.twitter.com/ILOyuQUHkT

” McDonald's of Hawaii (@McDonaldsHawaii) March 11, 2021

Mozart Kugel (Austria)

Lastly on our list, is an Austrian classic, no not My Olympia himself, but in fact something sweet , and filled with delicious layers, the Mozart Kugel.

An tourist favourite as well as a local one, this delectable sweet has 4 layers of goodness, dark chocolate outside, light praline cream, then dark praline cream with a marzipan & Pistachio centre. God damn that sounds good!

The Mozart Kugel originates in Salzburg 1890, which is about all it shares with its namesake Mozart, who was also born there some 100 years earlier. Fun fact for the day.

We could go on for days showing off all the amazing and wacky snacks we miss out on, but we don't want to make you cry, instead go grab your hobnob, nick a Twix, and slurp on your Earl Grey...Because we still have something nobody else will. The Jaffa cake!!

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