Where are all the good, experienced recruiters?

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September 17, 2021

Why did the recruiter cross the road?

To build yet another specialist agency.  

It does start to feel a bit like recruitment agencies are the new equivalent of a London fried chicken shop, 15 in one small town.

So, why is it so hard to find good, experienced recruiters?

Well, it's because they believe they can build great recruitment businesses of their own.

Did you know around 8,456 new recruitment agencies popped up within the UK in 2019! From that around 60% fail in their first year according to Sonovate.com.  

With the rise of the entrepreneur craze that has swept our screen time since the dawn of Instagram, many believe that they can build a successful business, but the reality is only a fraction of companies will actually make it past their first year of trading and starting up a company can take a while to even get to that point of trading.  

But let's say you get past that point, you are successfully trading, your doors have opened, you have enough clients to start hiring. Have you thought about payroll, HR, your own marketing? What about legal? There are so many dimensions to consider that all the Instagram posts and articles you read never prepared you for, and you start to understand why your old boss was a bit of a a**hole, and regularly found crying in the bathroom.  

So, if you are an amazing recruiter, you smash all your targets and you've made a name for yourself in the industry, why would you leave that all behind to start something new in a well oversaturated market, that requires skills you realistically don't have.

Boredom? Ego?  

It is probably because you feel like you have exhausted the current challenge, let's face it.  

But why not instead find a middle ground before you take that leap into the unknown world of business and start-ups. At Vertex, we can facilitate a route for you to come in and build up your own business within our business “ if you have that burning desire to start something and be rewarded likewise, we can get really close!. This gives you the ability to take full ownership of your time and channel, but still utilise the company framework - marketing, legal and the all-important brand name and reputation, whilst reaping many of the benefits that setting up could give you.  

Want to test out the theory before taking the leap. We aren't precious to the point where we won't hire you if you flag this as your long-term aim¦. But we are pretty sure that once you experience a genuine difference, you will want to be part of our amazing growth story.  

So, where are all the good recruiters either bankrupt or crying in the bathroom mostly¦ OK some are doing pretty good, are you going to be one of them?  

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