Lockdown Game Night - Fun for all the socially distanced workplaces

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September 17, 2021

It doesn't look like we'll be having many opportunities for office parties this year, does it?

Rather like how we had so few last year. There are some advantages to this, of course, especially if you have a history of getting too drunk and hogging the karaoke machine, but ultimately, given most of us have been so utterly fatigued by this who thing, it would be nice to see some familiar faces in the flesh, and not on a screen in the form of a virtual office party. Unfortunately, with everything going on covid-wise, it seems we are going to have to embrace the digital social life for our work-wise entertainment for the foreseeable future and get to grips with some good virtual office party ideas.

Online video game tournament

I know, this one may not be for everyone, but it's a decent way of getting everyone together for an enjoyable activity. The lads in your office will surely want to challenge each other to FIFA or Call of Duty and those of you who prefer to take a pass on the games, can still have a good drink and a catch-up over Zoom (and you can always revert to how much better Steve is than Darren at shooting games when the conversation goes flat).Keeping your team together in an activity of such engagement and social inclusion is a great way to ensure they all remain in the office spirit despite not being in the office itself. For the social aspect of everyone getting together and the idea of everyone competing in a commonly loved game “ this is a great way of recreating the office party atmosphere.

Zoom Pub Quiz

The quintessential classic that never gets old “ the battle of wits and brains between all of your colleagues, all competing for the crown of, ˜office smarty pants'. The music round, the general knowledge round and the round on photographs of famous cheeses are all going to make an appearance in your next online office get together. A quiz night is very socially engaging, which is what we all need to be with our work colleagues/staff right now.

Or...you could just sit on mute

Can't bear to stare at the entire office over video? Can't bear to have them staring back at you via webcam? Schedule a text chat or hang out in the group WhatsApp “ it's a great way to stay in touch without having to make yourself look presentable and, let's be real, your jokes are probably funnier in text, without the deathly silence of ten Zoom attendees trying to decipher the punchline. If you don't fancy any surprise chats, have a Zoom-free zone in your diary, with no calling or texting or anything “ you're just in your own space. Do what you can to get through it. Whether you're an office of avid gamers, quiz show specialists or not the talkative type at all, there are always ways for you to stay active and stay chatting with your circle of friends at the office.

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