How has lockdown changed the way we work?

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September 17, 2021

The lockdown has had a clear effect on everyone “ people stuck in their houses, unable to attended all manner of family events, and all non-essential shopping is forbidden. However, what positives can we take from the lockdown period?

Today we look at how the lockdown has changed the way we work and what the Pros and Cons are of working at home.


More talent From the perspective of recruitment, you can broaden your selection pool if you allow working from home. Not only can you reach the best talent anywhere in the country, but you can also tap into certain groups of the population that you would not otherwise have been able to, such as working parents and those with caring responsibilities. Improved staff retention Home working can bring better work-life balance to your employees, which in turn can improve employee engagement and help to improve staff retention levels. In the absence of commuting, remote workers also have more time and they may even choose to start working earlier because of no commuting. Reduced costs There is also the ability to save money, both for the employer and the employee. Cost savings could range from not having to pay for office space for those companies that can accommodate an entire remote operation, to money being saved on bulk orders of stationery and other facilities you offer.


Performance monitoringFor some, the ability to monitor staff performance can be a challenge. However, this does depend on the role, how that role can be measured and what processes are in place that enables the business to monitor and manage performance. New starters Working from home can be challenging when integrating a new employee into the business and in driving a culture of team working as there is naturally less physical interaction between the team. It will simply mean that more emphasis and thought needs to be given to how businesses run their company inductions and maintain team cohesion moving forward. Mental health There is also the psychological impact that can be an issue for some. Working from home can create a feeling that you never leave work and can make it harder for some to switch off. One big difference in moving to remote working is the loss of social interaction that is part and parcel of the workplace. However, there are ways you can manage employee loneliness “ keep in touch and ensure that regular online meetings take place that are both work related and play related.

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