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September 17, 2021

With so many of us working from home during this lockdown period, some of you may be looking to work from home full time upon return to normal life. If you want to do that, you're going to need a home office and we have a few tis laid out below to give some ideas as to what your dream home office will look like. Enjoy!


First of all, think about what design patterns inspired you at your last workplace, or where you work currently. What aesthetic designs and decorative patterns made you turn your eye when you were last there? Try to summarise your design in a few words, write it down and refer to it when needed. For the more emotional driven interior in which you will feel an additional energic buzz when you look upon it, it is most likely better to use shades of red and possibly terracotta and wine grape colours. A red sofa in the corner would look great or maybe hang a colourful painting in front of your desk, giving you a better view than the window. Suck décor will no doubt help with your thought process and inspire your creativity. If you want a fantastic atmosphere for you to work in, you can get it bespoke to your specification and you can work all the hours you like in a space that you love. Get the pot plants in, brighten up the walls with bright greens or blues, get natural oak furniture instead of plastic furniture. All of this will improve the atmosphere of your home office.


At the beginning of your office design journey, you should plan through a scenario of how your office will look by the end, and what specific functions your office will play in your day-to-day work life. Consider the main elements of the room: the office desk and the chair “ presumably. The layout of the office will follow once you have decided on this. Keep in mind access to light or visual access to the whole room “ no one wants to be sat in the dark looking at the wall all day. Consider a communal seating area if there is room. A sofa, an armchair and a nice glass table between them. This is a perfect place to take a break from the office chair and the desk and a well place area to host any clients who may come round to speak to you in person.


The furniture you choose depends on how you addressed the points previously mentioned, no one can have additional furniture in a box room. But even in a small sized room, furniture can be placed, and it can add quality to your workspace. If a small space is your only option, consider models that are convertible or units that pull out to create more room with it appearing so. It is better to place a PC tower with a laptop, just to minimize the clutter, and choose a table that has vertical design to help accommodate your additional office equipment. If you have luxury of space, it would be preferable to put an emphasis on the fact that you have more space to work with.

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