FMCG News: Unilever unveils its new nano factory

September 17, 2021

Today, we examine how numerous whole sellers north of the border in Scotland are becoming reliant of the SWA, how the Suntory beverage company is highlighting a potential £1 billion opportunity, and we unveil Unilever's new 'nano factory'. Enjoy!

Unilever unveils its new 'nano factory'

Unilever have over 300 factories spanning across 69 countries “ a logistical nightmare for any company. In response to this, Unilever have unveiled their new nano factory which operates inside a 40-foot container in order to transport flexible production lines that stretch all over the globe. All 40 feet doesn't sound like a very spacious area for mass scale transport, the small space houses everything need to perform its factory function, included raw materials going in at one end of the container, and the finished product coming out of the other. The equipment inside the containers covers the end-to-end automation process, from raw materials to cooking process to packaging. The test model that is currently being trailed, will produce 300 tonnes of liquid season per 8 hours. Efficient.

Dozens of Scottish whole sellers in need of aid from the SWA

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has revealed that nearly 30 wholesalers have joined the trade group in recent months following a lockdown recruitment drive. Many of the wholesalers are said to have chosen to sign up as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis as they sought access to advice on how to navigate the myriad regulations plus assistance with grant applications. Braehead Foods, one of Scotland's largest independent food wholesalers is joining the SWA and this decision has really helped the business become stable and having someone at the end of the phone and knowing that everything you discuss is being considered a high priority. Numerous wholesalers in Scotland continue to fight for the sector and challenge the Scottish Government for ongoing support as national lockdown and school closures further impact our members, and work with the sector and others to explore opportunities to help rebuild the wholesale industry.

Suntory highlights a £1 billion soft drinks opportunity

Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (SBF GB&I) has launched its category vision for 2021, which outlines how retailers who take advantage of latest trends and cater for key purchasing occasions can grab their share of a more than £1 billion sales opportunity over the next five years. This means a potential £8,992 in soft drink sales could be unlocked by the UK's 46,388 convenience, symbol, and independent stores. SBF GB&I's category vision breaks down the soft drink category into four consumer need states. Each of these is based on insights and trends that highlight the headroom for growth and relies on three simple focuses. To increase relevance and expand consumption occasions requires the right pack, in the right place, for the right occasion.

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