FMCG News: 2020 food trends

September 17, 2021

Today, we see what Sainsbury's believe were the biggest selling food trends of 2020, we examine the new plant-based crisps brand launched by Kerry foods, and how Deliveroo's business losses are being cushioned by the pandemic.Enjoy!

Sainsburys reveals top 2020 food trends

Using data from 18 million Nectar members, Sainsbury's has revealed the top taste trends that swept the nation in 2020 as well as what food people favoured in a year like no other.The retailer was able to see just how the different regions shopped and cooked over the past 12 months, from bagging the most bread flour to being crowned the country's cocktail connoisseurs.From the start of the first lockdown in March, Brits turned to baking to pass the time, with sales of flour in April rising 102% as sourdough starters and pizza bases were kneaded.But, perhaps unsurprisingly, it was banana bread that proved to be the most popular bake, pushing sales of the fruit up 17% in London alone.In May, we Brits flipped from bread to burger buns as they relished the sunny weather and made the most of BBQ season, which lead to burger sales increasing by 22.2%.As the summer was in full swing, Brits' desire to become backyard bartenders was stirred, with sales of Aperol up 57% and gin 21% year-on-year.By Autumn, we were all desiring to scratch our traditional cooking methods, but our inquisitiveness over cuisine remained.As customers couldn't travel, they decided to take their tastebuds on tour, especially across Chinese and Thai world foods which grew by a third.

Kerry Foods launch new plant-based crisps

Fridge Raiders, who are part of Kerry Foods, has announced their move into the plant-based category with the launch of its brand-new Veggie Bites crisps range.The brand is known for its popular Chicken Bites range, which offers shoppers snacks for eating whilst on the go.The move into the plant-based category signals Fridge Raiders' willingness to diversify the snacking options that consumers can use to cater to their busy lifestyles.On supermarket shelves this month, these new vegetable-based snacks come in three flavour variants “ Simply Seasoned, Mexican Heatwave and Indian Masala.The new range marks the first time Fridge Raiders has ventured into the category, catering to the surge in consumers opting for plant-based options. The category is booming now worth £345 million, it's up 32.7% vs last year and growing ahead of the total grocery category by +7.5% compared to 2019.

Deliveroo loses a third ahead of pandemic recovery stage

Deliveroo recorded a £317.7 million loss in 2019, up a third on the previous year, as it struggled with competition and regulatory scrutiny.However, the pandemic boosted it to profitability, with the brand saying it became profitable on an operating basis in the second and third quarters.Its revenues increased by 62% over the year to £771.8 million. The delivery firm says it is now profitable in 11 of the 12 markets it operates but did not name which region was still making a loss.Deliveroo took out a £198 million loan to help cover its 2019 losses as an investigation by UK competition authorities into Amazon's planned investment of $575 million squeezed its finances.The pandemic has certainly taken its toll on businesses in the UK but Deliveroo is making its way back into the green figures during this uncertain time. We can only hope this is a good omen for other businesses too.

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